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Jarrell Tops the Field at Legendstock

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BETHEL, N.Y. (August 3, 2014) – He came, he saw, he conquered.

Legends Pro driver Trey Jarrell made the trip from Virginia to Bethel Motor Speedway this past Saturday to take part in the 7th annual LegendStock event. Jarrell was one of more than 40 drivers who came from eight different states and Canada to compete for the unique three-foot tall guitar shaped trophy and $1,500 winner’s payday in the INEX Asphalt Nationals qualifier.

Jarrell was one of several drivers who had never stepped foot at the track, but he adapted quickly to the tight quarter mile, posting the second fastest time in qualifying. The fastest time was posted by North Carolina native Carson Ferguson, who made a last-minute decision to head to LegendStock following the rainout at Bowman Gray Stadium the night before.

When qualifying and heat races were complete, 18 drivers were locked into the A main. The remaining 26 drivers made every effort to qualify through either the C main or B main. The C main was won by Jeffrey Lefcourt, who advanced to the B main along with Todd McCollum. Six drivers transferred from the B main to the A main – Artie Pedersen III, Joe Graf, Vinny Delaney, Tyler Truex, Joey Ternullo, and Collin Hoeffner.

Jarrell started the A main from the outside pole, alongside Ferguson. Jarrell got out front at the drop of the green, and Bethel regular Christian Eckes quickly came to second, bringing Mike Alcaro with him to take third. With 15 laps complete, Alcaro made his move to pass Eckes for the runner-up spot.

Once in second, Alcaro set his sights on Jarrell, and Alcaro overtook him for the lead just five laps later. At the same time, Brendon Bock took third from Eckes.

Alcaro and Jarrell continued to battle for the lead, but heartbreak struck for Alcaro when the caution flew at lap 32 and he was forced to the pits due to a dragging bumper. Bock, Eckes, and Ferguson were among those involved in the caution, changing the face of the race up front as Stevie Johns inherited the second spot and defending Bethel Pro/Masters champion Matt Evans was shuffled up to third.

Several cautions in the closing laps of the event meant that Jarrell had to stay on top of his game, as Johns was right on his bumper waiting for the slightest chance to get ahead.

Jarrell – a Pro division driver – was first to cross the line for the win in the prestigious event, followed by Johns.


Racecar Driver Trey Jarrell Adds Warrior Horsepower

The Wounded Warrior Equestrian Program has added its logo to the hood of the No. 12J Super Late Model racecar driven by up-and-coming driver Trey Jarrell. The first race is on Friday, July 25th at Indianapolis’s Lucas Oil Raceway (formerly known as Indianapolis Raceway Park). The sponsorship is as part of its national awareness and publicity program.

Jarrell, 17, is one of racing’s top prospects, amassing 23 victories across the last three years. A native of Martinsville, Va., this is Jarrell’s first year behind a Super Late Model, a division of racing that acts as a precursor to NASCAR.

“I’m thrilled that the Wounded Warrior Equestrian Program is joining our team,” said Jarrell. “Their mission deserves awareness and auto racing has a deeply loyal fan base than I’m sure is eager to take note.”

The Wounded Warrior Equestrian Program (WWEP) is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting Therapeutic Riding Facilities and Horse Rescue farms across the United States by providing rehabilitative services to Wounded Veterans of all Services.

This nationwide network of therapeutic riding program providers and horse rescues was founded in 2010 by Bridget Kroger, LTC US Army (Retired). Bridget is a graduate of the United States Military Academy, a 24-year veteran of the United States Army and a life-long equestrian. Having completed two tours in Iraq, she too is a Wounded Warrior.

The WWEP gives Veterans and Horses a new lease on life. WWEP defines Wounded Warrior as a Service Member, Veteran and Horses, while paying tribute to, who we believe to be the original Wounded Warrior, our native American Brethren. It is through Native American healing principles that people are discovering the “Healing Powers of Horses.”

Equine-assisted therapies were extremely instrumental in Bridget’s PSTD recovery process. Her belief that all Wounded Warriors need the experience of these age-old healing practices led her to institutionalize a program and coordinate a team of medical professionals, horse professionals, military professionals and farm operators across the U.S. to deliver equine-assisted therapies to veterans and service members.


Jarrell endorses Ed Gillespie for US Senate

17-year-old Late Model Driver has busy day on and off the track

10327310_10203755366263197_1886935934_nMartinsville, Va. (June 8, 2014)—Pro All Star Series (PASS) Super Late Model Driver Trey Jarrell had a big day on and off the track this Saturday. Like many other American teenagers, Jarrell's busy day began when he reported to take the Scholastic Achievement Test (SAT) in Martinsville, VA early in the day. But the similarities quickly end there. Following his test, he immediately departed for South Boston Speedway in South Boston, VA where his Super Late Model owner, Mark Reedy, eagerly awaited the arrival of his driver for the last practice of the PASS Super Late Model race. With minutes to spare, Jarrell was only able to test the car for a handful of laps before qualifying. Without missing a beat, Jarrell also found time to endorse Ed Gillespie for U.S. Senate, who had just received the nomination at the Virginia Republican Convention earlier in the day. From there, Jarrell then piloted his #12 Drive Smart Virginia Ford through the field finishing a solid top-10 finish in 8th place on the lead lap of the 150 lap feature.

"This day wasn't easy to pull off....that's for sure. First, I had to compartmentalize the stress of taking what is arguably the most important test of my life with the SAT. Then, I had to immediately shift gears to get my mind focused on racing the Super Late Model at South Boston, which is a track known for its close racing. Thankfully, my mom was able to take me from the test and get me to the track. That time allowed me some time to get my mind off the test and to relax. Unfortunately, we weren't able to get much practice and did not have a chance to do a mock qualifying run -- which is our normal pre-race procedure."

"But I knew that we had a fast car in race trim and so once the green flag flew, I was able to get into a groove. For the first 75 laps of the race, I followed my owner owner's orders to preserve tires so I concentrated on not stressing the car or the tires. With 15 laps to go, a top-5 finish was easily in reach. I went all out making passes on the inside and outside to get our final position. At one point, I think we were three wide. The outside groove really started to work and I was able to hold there and get momentum coming off the turns."

"We had a great car thanks to Mark Reedy, his crew and all my partners: Drive Smart Virginia, Stressa, and my family."

"This was also a big day for my family. While I was taking my test and getting ready for the race, my dad was up in Roanoke helping the Republican Party nominate Ed Gillespie for U.S. Senate. And, I've decided to throw my endorsement to Mr. Gillespie in his bid for Senate. I feel strongly about this endorsement because for the last seven years of my life, I've been racing and traveling throughout the country. I've seen firsthand how Barrack Obama has hurt the economy in a way that has greatly impacted race fans, racers, owners, sponsors, and race tracks. We have to do better as a country. I don't know what my future has in store for me in terms of my race career. I'm working as hard as I can to promote my sponsors, to attract additional sponsors, and to perform my best in school and racing. But I am not too young to know that this economy isn't working and I know that Mr. Gillespie has answers on how to fix it. His opponent, Mark Warner, votes with Barrack Obama 97% of the time. As a racer, I pay attention to statistics and that statistic jumps right out there. Virginia can do better and I will be doing my part to help Mr. Gillespie. We all believe in the American dream but sometimes our government's policies get in our way. Mr. Gillespie will bring us the change we need."

Jarrell will race PASS's next event at Franklin County Speedway on June 21st.